Estate Planning

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  1. Probate
    Probate, the method of recognizing a person’s estate, paying debts that are owed, and distributing assets to heirs and beneficiaries can be avoided if a will is in place. In the case of no will, Nevada statutes have an order of preference for relatives who can then be considered heirs. Here at Dupree O’Brien Law Group, we can help you work to avoid the probate court by planning, or help you navigate it should you need to do so.
  2. Wills
    When it comes to making a legal declaration regarding the dispersal of your property after you die, devising a will is of utmost importance. Dupree O'Brien Law Group can help you devise a will that will carry out your wishes and ensure your legacy lives on.
  3. Trusts
    You can usually avoid having your beneficiaries go through the probate court if you implement a trust to manage your assets before your death. Appointing a trustee to handle assets on your behalf usually ensures that your beneficiaries gain access to your assets much more quickly than they would by going through the probate court. Call Attorney Dupree O'Brien and find out how a trust can protect your heirs.